Vulcan Brands

Time Tested & Customer Approved

VULCAN products have been serving the modern transportation industry since 1959. A half century of continuous improvement in both materials and workmanship has culminated into our unparalleled product quality. Vulcan Brands is designed to bring the quality, value, and experience of Vulcan tie down, towing, lifting, and measuring products to the mass market.

VULCAN Brands delivers quality programs for Warehouse Distributors, Jobbers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Based in Detroit, Michigan, VULCAN Brands continue to keep its finger on the pulse of the U.S. truck owner. We offer relevant and proven products to our customers for maximum value. Our products increase the sales of customers that market to commercial truck owners and operators.

Custom Applications

VULCAN Brands has provided custom products and product lines for auto manufacturers and transportation companies world-wide. From simple private label programs to intricate high working load applications, VULCAN Brands can provide quality solutions, fast turn around around, and bring your project in on budget.

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